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Orange infested with California red scale.

Protecting Your Citrus Crop from California Red Scale

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Suterra Connects With Growers Over Organic Products

Suterra knows that the organic label is becoming increasingly important for growers as demand for organic products continues to rise. We have always striven to create innovative..

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Looking back at CA Farmer and Farm Worker Month

This year, the California State Senate dubbed October as California’s Farmer and Farm Worker month. Suterra is privileged to have the opportunity to work with a diverse variety of..

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Vine Mealybug vs. Grape Mealybug Identification

Grape growers on the West Coast have become familiar with the rising threat of vine mealybug in recent years. The insect is particularly concerning for growers as it can spread..

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Almond Harvest: Evaluating your Navel Orangeworm IPM Program

Almond harvest will be underway soon in California, and with it comes the time for assessing the extent of damage by navel orangeworm (NOW) and other pests and pathogens...

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2020 Wildfires scorched California vineyards- but growers can rise from the ashes

2020 was a difficult year for people of all vocations. Unfortunately, California wine growers faced unique stressors last year. They not only had to deal with the economic fallout..

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The Effort to Battle Vine Mealybug in Lodi, California

At LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards, a combination of pesticides, community collaboration, and Suterra’s pheromone mating disruption products provide an integrated pest..

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The Rise of Sustainable Certifications

Sonoma County Winegrowers made buzz in 2020 with their Climate Adaptation Certification program, a flagship program that uses local solutions to reduce greenhouse emissions in..

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Vine Mealybug Monitoring in California Vineyards

Temperatures are heating up, and wine growers should keep an eye out for vine mealybug outbreaks in their vineyards. Monitoring is a critical aspect for developing and executing..

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