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Mating Disruption for Diamondback Moth

The unique mode of action used by CheckMate®  reduces damage and helps fight conventional insecticide resistance. Modernize your approach to Diamondback Moth control by spraying CheckMate® DBM-F. Its species-specific pheromone formulation gives you the damage protection you need with the  flexibility to fit your existing IPM program.

DBM Pest Illustration

CheckMate® DBM-F Flowable

CheckMate® DBM-F is Suterra’s pioneering sprayable pheromone release formulation for diamondback moth (DBM) mating disruption in vegetable crops. This easy-to-deploy, flexible option for DBM control, CheckMate® DBM-F easily fits into growers’ existing spray programs.

16349 DBM-F Bottle

Why Leading Growers
Choose CheckMate® DBM-F

  • Highly targeted pheromone with sustained action
  • Perfect IPM partner to significantly reduce damage
  • Clean profile with no MRL
  • Zero preharvest interval allows sprays through harvest
  • Made in the USA by grower-owned Suterra

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DBM-F eBook Download

Learn how to modernize your approach to controlling Diamondback Moth with this free eBook with expert content from

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Diamondback Moth eBook available for download

Diamondback Moth eBook available for download

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