Suterra Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring is a key aspect of a successful Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy. Trap capture data provides an understanding of flight timing, pest prevalence, and hot spots; allowing growers to apply control products with precision.

The BioLure®, Suterra’s exclusive line of lures, was developed in-house taking real world applications into account. The Biolure® uses Suterra’s proprietary release technology and features an easy-to-use adhesive backing and protective front peel-off cover.

Suterra® integrates our experience as a grower-owned company throughout our world-class product offerings, resulting in products that meet grower needs. We’ve developed products that can withstand the demands of the environment and tough agricultural practices.

Why Pest Managers Choose BioLure®

  • Long lasting BioLures® mean servicing simplicity.
  • No contact with the pheromone at deployment.
  • Adhesive backing allows for best possible lure positioning. BioLure® does not interfere with regular trap servicing.
  • Proprietary pheromone release technology allows for consistent monitoring, season after season.