Safe, Effective, and Proven Results

CheckMate® NOW-F is a new mating disruption product for the control of Navel Orangeworm (NOW) in nut crops and figs. It uses Suterra’s proprietary micro-encapsulated formulation to provide longer life and improved flexibility in the orchard.

CheckMate® NOW-F is an easy-to-deploy product that releases the sex pheromone of the Navel Orangeworm pest throughout the orchard. This reduces the adult males’ ability to find females, disrupting the mating cycle and suppressing pest populations. It is tank-mixable with many common agrochemicals and can be used as an integral component of an IPM program. The product is also significantly more worker-friendly than many common insecticide treatments, with minimal re-entry and pre-harvest intervals.

CheckMate® NOW-F can be use together with Puffer NOW for a flexible approach against hot spots, peak flights, and additional late season control.

All of Suterra’s CheckMate® products for Navel Orangeworm are harmless to other living organisms and beneficial insects.

NOW-F Bottle