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Mating Disruption for Vine Mealybug

Celada VMB

The long-lasting pheromone solution for vine mealybug control

Suterra's team of chemists, engineers, and materials scientists have designed the cutting-edge Celada VMB vapor dispenser for maximum performance and longevity controlling vine mealybug (VMB).

Celada VMB is the first VMB dispenser that lasts a full year. It hangs fast and holds tight, blending into the vineyard with a discreet color and shape. Its unique technology allows for stable continuous pheromone release with less sensitivity to environmental factors than competing dispensers.

With effective, reliable release of 180mg of high-quality, Made in the USA active ingredient per dispenser, Celada VMB significantly lowers the number of males that reach the females. This prevents mating and reduces the population of the pest, also reducing the damage and virus spread that the pest can cause.

Compatible with all Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools, growers appreciate the ease and reliability of this “one and done” year-long hanging product. Celada VMB is the proven and sustainable solution to fight vine mealybug.

Why Growers Choose CeladaTM VMB

  • Longest-lasting dispenser ever for vine mealybug with a full year of coverage
  • Product color blends into vineyard for discreet protection
  • Hangs securely to withstand mechanical operations
  • Sustainable, reliable protection from VMB damage and virus spread
  • Fast and easy to deploy
  • Compatible with all IPM tools
  • Does not harm beneficial insects

Active Ingredient

mg per/dispenser

Application Rate

200 per/acre

Item #




Trap Inhibition

Celada VMB hinders the ability of males to find pheromone traps as compared to areas treated with grower standard practices.

VMB Male Catches/Trap

Chemical Reference | Celada VMB 180

Damage Reduction

The addition of Celada VMB into a comprehensive IPM program cuts Vine mealybug damage by up to 75%.

% Infested Bunches

New Product Resource

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Download Datasheet

Safety Datasheet

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Deployment Guide

Download Deployment Guide

Vine Mealybug

(Planococcus ficus)

Wine grapes, table grapes, and raisin grapes

Look throughout your vineyard for honeydew and ant activity on vines

Monitor mating disruption using small paper delta traps with Suterra VMB septa lures

Hang traps in March to detect early activity

One trap per 10-20 acres; at least 2 traps per block

Check traps a minimum of once every 2 weeks, replacing lures monthly

Vine mealybug decreases vine vigor and causes defoliation and grape cluster damage. Treating VMB can reduce the spread of leafroll virus. Impacts of VMB infestation include sooty mold damage on grapes and resulting in quality loss and unmarketable fruit.

Monitoring Guide

Download Monitoring Guide

Identification of Vine Mealybug

(Planococcus ficus)

VMB Pest Illustration


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