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Mating Disruption for Omnivorous Leafroller

CheckMate® OLR

The first long-lasting pheromone solution for omnivorous leafroller control

Checkmate® OLR is Suterra’s long-lasting mating disruption dispenser for management of omnivorous leafroller in kiwi, grapes, pomegranates, stone fruit, pome fruit, tree nuts, fruiting vegetables, and berry crops.

This product utilizes Suterra’s proprietary release technology for continuous release throughout the season. Easy to deploy, the dispensers release pheromone throughout the orchard and are compatible with all integrated pest management (IPM) tools. Checkmate® OLR is suitable for organic production and is an ecologically friendly, effective tool that leaves no residue.

Why Growers Choose CheckMate® OLR

  • Controls OLR populations and reduces damage
  • Fights development of insecticide resistance
  • Easy-to-deploy proprietary pheromone release technology
  • Compatible with all IPM tools
  • Authorized for organic production
  • Does not harm beneficial insects

Application Rate

100 - 150 per acre

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Omnivorous Leafroller

(Platynota stultana)

Kiwi, Grapes, Fruiting Vegetables, Tree Nuts,
Stone and Pome Fruit

Monitor mating disruption using large delta traps with Suterra OLR septa lures

Hang traps in late winter to early spring depending on the crop

One trap per 10-20 acres; at least 2 traps per block

Check traps a minimum of once every 2 weeks, replacing lures monthly

Replace trap liner as needed to ensure stickiness

Omnivorous leafroller larvae feed on leaves,
flowers and fruit, leaving crops vulnerable to

Identification of Omnivorous Leafroller

(Platynota stultana)



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Solutions for Omnivorous Leafroller

Utilizing mating disruption for omnivorous leafroller control is simple and effective. CheckMate® OLR dispensers give you the ability to reduce damage caused by omnivorous leafroller.

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