Safe, Effective, and Proven Results

Puffer IMM is Suterra’s aerosol pheromone release formulation for mating disruption of Indianmeal moth (IMM) and other stored product moth species.
The fast-to-deploy product can be used in food manufacturing, milling, storage, distribution or even retail settings. CheckMate® Puffer® IMM is compatible with all Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools.
This innovative aerosol device releases a precise amount of the stored product moth’s sex pheromone consistently throughout the building. This disrupts the mating cycle and suppresses pest populations.

Why Choose CheckMate® Puffer® IMM

  • Optimized for longer lasting control (6 months+)
  • Easy and fast hanging
  • Consistent and precise pheromone release throughout the building
  • Effective for many moth species
  • Reduces pest infestations
  • Lowers insecticide use
  • Prevents production shutdowns
  • Fights development of insecticide resistance
Puffer IMM