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Mating Disruption for Indianmeal Moth

CheckMate® Puffer® IMM

World's first aerosol pheromone for Indianmeal moth control

Puffer IMM is Suterra’s aerosol pheromone release formulation for mating disruption of Indianmeal Moth (IMM) and other stored product moth species.

The fast-to-deploy product can be used in food manufacturing, milling, storage, distribution or even retail settings. CheckMate® Puffer® IMM is compatible with all Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools.

This innovative aerosol device releases a precise amount of the stored product moth’s sex pheromone consistently throughout the building. This disrupts the mating cycle and suppresses pest populations.

Why Growers Choose CheckMate® Puffer® IMM

  • Optimized for longer lasting control (6 months+)
  • Easy and fast hanging
  • Consistent and precise pheromone release throughout the building
  • Effective for many moth species
  • Reduces pest infestations
  • Lowers insecticide use
  • Prevents production shutdowns
  • Fights development of insecticide resistance

Stored Product Moths

Indianmeal Moth (P. interpunctella)
Mediterranean Flour Moth (E. kuehniella)
Raisin Moth (C. figulilella)
Tropical Warehouse Moth (C. cautella)
Tobacco Moth (E. elutella)

Labor Reduction

Using CheckMate® Puffer® IMM over competitor mating disruption devices will reduce the number of devices that need to be hung in facility, as well as labor hours by more than 5 times.

Trap Inhibition

CheckMate® Puffer® IMM greatly hinders the ability of males to find pheromone traps indicating active mating disruption in the environment.

Control | CheckMate® Puffer® IMM

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