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Growers & Partners

  • Symms

    "Innovation, reliability, value, and service are what signify Suterra when pheromones are needed. Suterra has been a valued supplier for Symms Fruit Ranch for over 10 years."

    - Symms Fruit Ranch, Apple Grower, Idaho, USA

  • Melinda

    "In 2013, we started using the Suterra Puffer on 1,000 hectares and as of 2016, we have the Puffer on 3,000 hectares.

    In addition to effective pest control, we save time, money and resources. After the season, no residual material remains in the field. We are very satisfied with the Puffer technology."

    - Melinda, Large Apple Grower, North Italy

  • Cooperativa Agrícola San Bernat logo

    "We apply Magnet MED in citrus, stone fruit and persimmon ranches, in both conventional and organic fields because of its ease of use compared to other products and its high efficacy.

    Since 3 years ago and using Magnet MED, we have not experienced problems with Med Fly and have also avoided the use of conventional chemical treatments in our fields."

    - Coop.Agrícola San Bernat, Citrus & Persimmon grower, Valencia, Spain

  • Fabio Manara Winery

    "Puffer Technology compared with the standard dispensers allowed us to save time for distribution and dispenser recovery from the field. It is our intent to continue to use it, the experience was positive under all aspects."

    - Fabio Manara Winery, Verona, Italy

  • Almonds

    "For three years we've been using Suterra NOW Puffers on Almonds in Merced county. We have drastically reduced the NOW population by 10-12%"

    - Agricultural Consultants, Inc, California, USA