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Mating Disruption for California Red Scale

CheckMate® CRS

The only zero-residue solution for California red scale control

CheckMate® CRS is Suterra’s season-long mating disruption dispenser solution for control of California red scale (CRS) in citrus and other crops where CRS is present.

This product utilizes Suterra’s proprietary technology for continuous release throughout the season. Easy to deploy, the dispensers penetrate inside the canopy and are compatible with all integrated pest management (IPM) tools. This product is suitable for organic production.

Why Growers Choose CheckMate® CRS Dispenser

  • Efficacious control of California red scale
  • Reduces pest populations
  • Fights development of insecticide resistance
  • Easy-to-deploy proprietary pheromonerelease technology
  • One application offers season-long solution
  • Compatible with all IPM tools
  • Authorized for organic production
  • Does not harm beneficial insects

Application Rate

180 per acre

Item #


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Damage Reduction

The addition of CheckMate® CRS dispensers into a comprehensive IPM program cuts California red scale damage by up to 95%.

% Citrus Damage

Trap Inhibition

CheckMate® CRS dispensers hinders the ability of males to find pheromone traps as compared to areas treated with grower standard practices.

Non Mating Disruption Reference | CheckMate® CRS

CRS Trap Captures


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Safety Datasheet

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Deployment Guide

Download CRS Deployment Guide

California Red Scale

(Aonidiella aurantii)

Citrus Crops

Monitor mating disruption using scale pest traps baited with a Suterra CRS septa lure

Hang traps early in the season

One set of traps per 5-20 acres; at least 2 traps per block

Check traps weekly, replacing lures monthly

Replace traps as needed to ensure stickiness

Look for CRS on twigs and fruit after each generation

Visible fruit damage usually occurs in late summer and early autumn

California red scale causes downgraded and rejected fruit at the packinghouse in addition to defoliation and yield loss in the field due to high populations.

Monitoring Guide

Download Monitoring Guide

Identification of California Red Scale

(Aonidiella aurantii)

CRS Pest Illustration


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Solutions for California Red Scale

Utilizing mating disruption for California Red Scale control is simple and effective. CheckMate® CRS dispensers give you the ability to reduce damage caused by California Red Scale.

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