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Mating Disruption for Codling Moth

CheckMate® CM-XL 2.0 Dispenser

Reliable and organic authorized pheromone solution for codling moth control

CheckMate® CM-XL 2.0 Dispenser is Suterra’s improved season-long mating disruption dispenser for control of codling moth (CM) in apple, pear and walnut crops.

This easy-to-deploy product releases the sex pheromone of the CM pest continuously throughout the orchard, reducing adult males’ ability to find females disrupting the mating cycle and suppressing pest populations.

CheckMate® CM-XL 2.0 Dispenser utilizes Suterra’s proprietary release technology and is compatible with all Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools. This product is also suitable for organic production.

Why Growers Choose CheckMate® CM-XL 2.0 Dispenser

  • Controls codling moth and reduces pest populations
  • Fights development of insecticide resistance
  • Easy-to-deploy proprietary pheromone release technology
  • One application offers season-long solution
  • Compatible with all IPM tools
  • Authorized for organic production
  • Does not harm beneficial insects

Application Rate

120 - 200 per acre

Item #


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Damage Reduction

The addition of CheckMate® CM-XL 2.0 Dispenser into a comprehensive IPM program cuts codling moth damage by 50% or more.

% Crop Damage

Trap Inhibition

CheckMate® CM-XL 2.0 Dispenser hinders the ability of males to find pheromone traps as compared to areas treated with grower standard practices.

Grower Standard | CheckMate®  CM-XL 2.0  Dispenser

CM Trap Captures


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Safety Datasheet

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Codling Moth

(Cydia pomonella)

Apples, pears, walnuts, and crops where CM
is present

Monitor mating disruption using large delta trap with CM BioLure®

Monitor overall populations in separate trap with kairomone-pheromone combo lure

Hang traps early in the season

At least 1 trap per 15-20 acres; minimum 2 traps per block

Check traps weekly, replacing lures every other month

Replace trap liner as needed to ensure stickiness

Codling moth (CM) larvae feed on the fruits
and nuts causing yield losses.

Monitoring Guide

Download Monitoring Guide

Identification of Codling Moth

(Cydia pomonella)

CM Pest Illustration


Macro photograph of an adult codling moth facing left.

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Solutions for Codling Moth

Utilizing mating disruption for Codling Moth control has never been easier. With a full suite of products in our CheckMate® line, Suterra gives you the damage protection you need and the deployment options to fit your IPM program.

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