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Monitoring for Codling Moth in Mating Disruption Orchards Now Easier, More Accurate

Suterra Feb 4, 2022 10:50:21 AM

Suterra has released a new BioLure® Combo CM monitoring lure for apple, pear and walnut pests. Read this press release on PRNews here or continue below.

BEND, Ore. - Feb. 1, 2022 - Suterra, the global leader in sustainable pheromone pest control, has released BioLure® Combo CM, a new monitoring lure for codling moth in apple, pear, and walnut orchards. BioLure® Combo CM combines pear ester kairomone and codling moth pheromone into one lure that attracts both male and female pests to traps.

The chief benefit of BioLure® Combo CM is that it can be used to monitor in conjunction with pheromone mating disruption solutions that confuse males, such as Suterra's CheckMate® membrane dispensers or Puffer® aerosol emitters.

"Monitoring programs are the key to the successful management of codling moth. Traps should be placed before budbreak in walnuts, or at the pink bud stage in apple orchards," says Vijay Pai, who leads the development of monitoring and commercial pest products for Suterra.

Pest control specialists monitor traps for pest activity to determine biofixes and aid in pesticide treatment timings. Traps should be checked at least weekly throughout the season to monitor the population cycles and pest density. If not properly controlled, codling moth populations can rapidly grow and cause significant damage to fruit and nuts.

BioLure® Combo CM should be replaced every eight weeks and kept in cold storage prior to use. Because of the unique design of the BioLure® product, users can easily place and replace lures without ever touching the active substance, making placement faster and more accurate, while reducing the possibility of cross-contamination when servicing.

Pest control specialists and growers interested in learning more about BioLure® Combo CM and how mating disruption can reduce damage in their crops should contact a Suterra sales representative by emailing

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