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Monitoring for Codling Moth in Mating Disruption Orchards Now Easier, More Accurate

Suterra has released a new BioLure® Combo CM monitoring lure for apple, pear and walnut pests. Read this press release on PRNews here or continue below.

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Using Degree-Days to Track Codling Moth

Degree-days are an incredibly helpful tool for monitoring pests and subsequently timing sprays and other pest management techniques. Learn more about how degree-days can help you..

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Monitoring for Codling Moth in Walnut Orchards

As March approaches, traps to monitor the first codling moth flight will soon be placed in walnut orchards. Below are some reminders of best practices for monitoring and managing..

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Best Practices on Codling Moth Monitoring in Apple Orchards

Codling moth traps will soon be hung in apple orchards in the Pacific Northwest. Now is a great time to refresh your knowledge on how to look out for this pest using traps and..

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