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Suterra Blog: Septa Lure

Orange paper delta trap with the Suterra logo printed on it sits on top of a cardboard box.

Vine Mealybug Monitoring in California Vineyards

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Best Practices for Monitoring California Red Scale

With spring approaching, the citrus industry in California will soon begin monitoring for California Red Scale. Now is a great time to review best practices for monitoring the..

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California Red Scale 4th Flight Update

In the Central Valley of California, depending on location, the fourth flight of California Red Scale Aonidiella aurantii in citrus would have started between the 20th and 30th of..

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FAQ: Trapping and Monitoring for Vine Mealybug in California Wine Grapes

The vine mealybug (VMB) is a serious insect pest of grapes grown in California. There are only a few chemical management options available, and the more that these are used, the..

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