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Suterra Blog: Almonds

Row of pistachio trees in orchard.

Reducing NOW Populations In-Season: Adding Pheromones to Your Spray Program Significantly Reduces Damage

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Protect Almond Crops By Removing Mummy Nuts

Navel orangeworm is the primary insect pest almond growers in California must manage. When it comes to minimizing damage caused by this pest, one technique continues to be..

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Refresh on Almond Harvest Damage Sample Evaluation Techniques

Almond harvest is well underway in California, and with it, the time for assessing the extent of damage by navel orangeworm (NOW) and other pests and pathogens arrives. Guidelines..

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Reducing NOW In-Season: Adding Pheromones to Your Spray Program Reduces Damage

Until recently, Navel Orangeworm IPM lacked a mating disruption option that could be applied reactively based on in-season conditions. CheckMate® NOW-F, the first sprayable..

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Suterra Offers Free Online Course on Navel Orangeworm Management Practices

Suterra, in parnership with Farm Progress, has launched a course available for PCAs to gain continuing education credits and learn from Suterra’s industry-leading experts.

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Suterra Introduces New Navel Orangeworm Control Product

Global pheromone leader offers an improved one-per-acre aerosol formulation that allows growers to effectively reduce Navel Orangeworm (NOW) damage, deploy faster and save money.

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