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Grapes on the vine in a California vineyard.

Vine Mealybug and CheckMate® VMB-F Mating Disruption

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Eye on Ag: Suterra Protects Central Valley Crops

In this episode of Eye on Ag, we explore how Suterra, a leading agricultural company, is helping to protect Central Valley crops. Through the innovative use of mating disruption,..

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The Science of Microencapsulated Pheromone Technology

Suterra is a global leader in pheromone mating disruption. We manufacture our own active ingredients and the various pheromone delivery systems we offer – aerosols (Puffer®),..

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Vine Mealybug Season Tips: When to apply mealybug treatment?

Want advice on when to deploy mating disruption for vine mealybug and which of our platforms is best for you? Our technical team has several season tips that can help you optimize..

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Starting Early in Cole Crops with DBM-F Flowable

The early bird gets the worm - this idiom is more applicable than ever when it comes to diamondback moth. Are you familiar with the benefits of starting early with mating..

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4 Best Ways to Manage DBM in Cole Crops

The insect name ‘diamondback moth’ is a familiar one to vegetable growers around the world, and for good reason- this lepidopteran pest causes billions of dollars of crop damage..

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Reduce Navel Orangeworm Populations In Season with NOW-F Flowable

Until recently, Navel Orangeworm IPM lacked a mating disruption option that could be applied reactively based on in-season conditions. Checkmate® NOW-F, the first sprayable..

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Suterra Partners with Yamaha to Apply Sprayable Mating Disruption Using Drones

Drones are gaining popularity for many functions. Suterra partnered with Yamaha to conduct drone-powered applications for Vine Mealybug sprayable mating disruption.

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CheckMate Sprayable Mating Disruption Provides Flexibility to Growers Post-Harvest

As crops like nuts, grapes, peaches and apples are well into harvest and approaching winter at this point, sprayable pheromone products are an excellent option for growers who did..

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