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Eye on Ag: Suterra Protects Central Valley Crops

Suterra Apr 17, 2023 11:49:45 AM

In this episode of Eye on Ag, we explore how Suterra, a leading agricultural company, is helping to protect Central Valley crops. Through the innovative use of mating disruption, Suterra is helping farmers to protect their crops from the destructive effects of pests, without resorting to harmful chemicals. Join us as we speak to experts from Suterra to learn more about this groundbreaking technology and how it is helping to revolutionize the way we approach crop protection.


Suterra's products are used to treat millions of acres of crops across five continents each year, dramatically reducing the use of conventional insecticides. Their unique approach to pest control is through the use of mating disruption, which is non-toxic and doesn't affect other pests or benificals in the area.


California growers are wondering how to deploy given the recent heavy rainfall 


Recently, weather conditions have delayed access to fields for some local growers, leaving them wondering if they can still use mating disruption. Andrea Holman from Suterra explained that "typically at this time of year we are putting out CheckMate Puffers®, which go one per acre, but when the fields are wet you can't really get out there. Growers can still get coverage by switching over to one of our other available platforms; such as our sprayable solutions. These can be applied with drones, airplanes, or spray rigs, and at much lower rates than traditional insecticides, making them a more sustainable option."


Suterra's success has led to an increasing demand for sustainable crop protection. According to research, the market for mating disruption could grow to 6.1 billion dollars by 2026. Suterra has been a pioneer in this space, inventing the aerosol mating disruption 25 years ago and being the first to market with sprayable formulations and dispensers for vine mealybug and California red scale.


Their focus now is on driving adoption, as the more growers that use this solution, the better it works. By reducing pest populations, the need for insecticide sprays is also decreased, making it a win-win situation for both the environment and growers.


Solutions for indoor pest control 

In addition to outdoor crops, Suterra is also developing solutions for indoor pest control. Their CheckMate Puffer® IMM aerosol targets stored product moths, making it a safe and non-toxic solution for use in nut processing facilities. This solution is also safe for export markets, making it a viable option for companies worldwide.


Suterra's solutions help growers to ensure their crops are of the highest quality, allowing them to receive higher payments and bonuses. As the demand for sustainable crop protection continues to rise, companies like Suterra are leading the way in providing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. By reducing the use of conventional insecticides, we can create healthier environments for both ourselves and our planet.


For more information about our CheckMate® product line, please send us a message, or contact the Suterra key account manager for your region. Our experts are happy to help!