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Smart Sustainability

SMART SUSTAINABILITY means using science and technology in service of the planet's sustainability. It’s a unique way of approaching innovation that places at its center what our growers value most: the earth they cultivate every day.

Our SMART SUSTAINABILITY model is applied to each of the company’s products from R&D to manufacturing, and forms an essential part of Suterra’s values.

Every product we make contains innovative features that make it more efficient and sustainable: thermostats, crop mapping, compact and lightweight designs, formulas that combat conventional insecticide resistance, and more.

At Suterra we believe the smartest innovation is sustainable innovation.




We use innovation, science, and technology to meet specific sustainable goals. We create precise and efficient products.



Our goals are measurable and quantifiable in partnership with farmers.



We design our products to achieve attainable and real sustainability results. Always at the service of market demand.



Our research process is focused on making sustainable agriculture a relevant reality with a global impact.



As pioneers in R+D+I we are in time to reduce the use of insecticides, reduce our carbon footprint and protect biodiversity.


Nontoxic pheromones are delivered via different platforms including the Puffer® aerosol emitter and CheckMate® sprayable formulations and dispensers- all leave zero harmful residues on food and do not leach into soil or groundwater the way conventional pesticides do. Suterra’s proprietary pheromone technology protects agricultural crops and food storage facilities from harmful pests. Pheromones are naturally occurring compounds that allow us to target specific pest populations while protecting pollinators and beneficial insects. We can dramatically reduce the use of traditional insecticides and chemical agents.

Using Suterra’s products provides growers with an effective pest management tool that is species-specific, does not harm beneficial insects like bees or ladybugs, leaves no residue on the fruit, and increases marketable fruit at harvest. By putting a greater focus on pest management methods that only affect target species, growing activities are more sustainable and help protect these important species.


"Wonderful Citrus has been using this product for about seven years now and we have seen a dramatic decrease in our pest pressures."

Brandon Koch
PCA | Wonderful Citrus


"Bees provide an important role to pollinate our almond trees. Suterra uses a naturally occurring compound and they have zero effect on bee health."

Roberto Iturralde
PCA | Wonderful Orchards

Global Impact

Learn more about Suterra’s products and global impact on sustainable farming practices

Meet the Guardians of the Land

In addition to carrying the EPA label for use in organic production, some of Suterra’s products are OMRI listed as well. The specific products listed with OMRI are identified below.

Puffer Cabinet G2

CheckMate® Puffer® NOW-O Ace

14927 14928 Puffer CM-O full

CheckMate® Puffer® CM-O Pro Standard

14927-US-02 CheckMate Puffer CM-O (Extended)

CheckMate® Puffer® CM-O Pro Extended

Puffer Cabinet G2

CheckMate® Puffer® IMM

17359 CRS Dispenser

CheckMate® CRS


Celada™ VMB 180


Growers are not the only members of the agricultural community with an increasing interest in IPM and mating disruption. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)’s EQIP (Environmental Quality Incentives Program) recognizes the ecological benefits of IPM, and through this program, the NCRS is willing to provide financial incentives to growers who implement environmentally friendly practices like mating disruption.