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Labor-saving aerosol pheromone solution for codling moth control

Puffer® CM-O Pro

Puffer® CM-O Pro is Suterra's optimized aerosol formulation for codling moth mating disruption. This proprietary formulation, made in the USA, offers the world's highest quality pheromone. The patented emitter results in enhanced aerosolization of the pheromone creating a spray that better penetrates targeted areas of the canopy and orchard.

  • Pre-programmed for time zone and pest
  • Specially designed to prevent phytotoxicity
  • Sensor suppresses emission at low temperatures, allowing growers to hang earlier in the season--whenever it's convenient
  • Sealed, waterproof design
  • Reliable batteries made with heat-shielding material developed for NASA
  • Available in three different sizes optimized for the duration of your growing season: 
    • Micro for colder climates like the Pacific Northwest
    • Standard for temperate climates
    • Extended for hotter climates


Codling Moth (Cydia pomonella)

CM Pest Illustration






Why Growers Choose Puffer® CM-O Pro

  • Labor savings from fast, easy deployment
  • Hang once for long-lasting protection
  • Consistent and precise release throughout the orchard
  • Fights development of insecticide resistance
  • Dramatically reduces pest damage
  • OMRI listed and authorized for organic production
  • Does not harm beneficial insects
  • No pre-harvest interval or MRL
  • Free Puffer® recycling through Clean Orchard Promise
  • Available in multiple sizes optimized for various climates

Damage Reduction

The addition of Puffer® CM-O Pro into a comprehensive IPM program cuts codling moth damage by 50% or more

% Crop Damage

Trap Inhibition

Puffer® CM-O Pro hinders the ability of males to find pheromone traps as compared to areas treated without mating disruption.

No Mating Disruption    vs.    Puffer® CM-O Pro

CM Trap Captures


Macro photograph of an adult codling moth facing left.

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Solutions for Codling Moth

Any farming operation can reduce damage and control codling moth populations with Suterra mating disruption. Our full suite of products is tailored to any labor, budget, or climate constraint. Explore all the options to fit your IPM program including sprayable pheromones, hand-applied vapor dispensers, and combination pest aerosol emitters.

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