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CAPCA Adviser Advertorial: CheckMate® NOW-F Is the New Industry Standard "Mummy Spray"

Suterra Apr 1, 2024 9:16:23 AM

CheckMate® NOW-F Reduces Damage

This information was first shared in the March/April edition of the CAPCA Adviser newsletter on page 39. Lower crop prices and higher navel orangeworm damage last season is increasing pressure on PCAs to optimize efficiency and costs in 2024. Reducing populations of NOW leading into hull split is critical to protecting this year's crop. 

Unfortunately, traditional "Mummy Spray" or "May Spray" insecticide programs have not delivered a strong return on investment. However, evidence shows that an early spray of CheckMate® NOW-F from Suterra lowers populations throughout the season and significantly reduces harvest damage. 

Disrupting the First Flight


Mummy Spray Graph-NOW-F


Prolonged Spring Control

In the sprayable toolkit, CheckMate® NOW-F delivers the longest residual activity available on the market. A comprehensive case study from 2022 underscores this long residual action, with 98% trap suppression sustained over an impressive 2-month period following a late-April application. Applied in spring to target the first flight, it effectively disrupts mating until hull split.


Balancing the Risks & Benefits of Spring Insecticides 

Industry experts have advised against insecticides for the spring spray due to suboptimal returns and other adverse impacts. PCAs looking for a rational alternative to traditional "May Spray" insecticides need a solution that offers a long residual action to effectively control populations and provide a bridge to hull split sprays. CheckMate® NOW-F stands out as the best approach to target the first NOW flight because of its unique preventative mode of action, prolonged activity, and superior efficacy. 

Economic Analysis

Suppressing mating during the pivotal first flight results in reduced populations at hull split, making hull split insecticide applications exponentially more effective. Utilizing CheckMate® NOW-F to target the first flight is a proven strategy for maximizing grower returns within the navel orangeworm IPM program. 

To learn more about this innovative IPM approach, visit our page on navel orangeworm.