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Puffer® IMM: Myths Busted

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Exploring The History of Mating Disruption

Mating disruption is a unique mode of action for pest management that uses species-specific pheromones to reduce target insect populations over time. The quest to identify and..

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Monitoring for Diamondback Moth in Cole Crops

Diamondback moth can damage a wide variety of cole crops if left unchecked. Remind yourself of best practices when monitoring for this pest with these tips and tricks.

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Suterra Entomologist Discusses Mating Disruption, Biocontrol

Dr. Emily Symmes, a Suterra entomologist discusses sustainable mating disruption puffers along with IPM and biocontrol with UAV-IQ.

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Suterra Introduces New Navel Orangeworm Control Product

Global pheromone leader offers an improved one-per-acre aerosol formulation that allows growers to effectively reduce Navel Orangeworm (NOW) damage, deploy faster and save money.

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