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Puffer® IMM: Myths Busted

Suterra Oct 23, 2022 10:41:00 AM

New to using mating disruption for Indian meal moth? This article addresses some common myths and misconceptions about our Puffer® IMM.

Myth: The Puffer® IMM uses an insecticide.

Rather than rely on an insecticide, the Puffer® IMM is a mating disruption product. The active ingredient used in the product is a replica of the Indian meal moth’s sex pheromone. Without interference, female Indian meal moths emit this pheromone to attract males and reproduce. Mating disruption interrupts this process by dispensing ambient pheromone into the area, rendering males unable to find females and cutting down on the next generation of moths.

Mating disruption is species-specific, so only Indian meal moths and similar stored product moths will be affected. Additionally, this product does not kill the insects it targets. The effects of mating disruption are best seen over a longer time frame as future generations of moths will become smaller and smaller in population.


Myth: The Puffer® IMM requires regular maintenance.

The Puffer® IMM is a ‘hang, and you’re done’ product. The device is programmed to emit pheromone consistently every 30 minutes regardless of temperature and other conditions. Because of this, the product’s longevity can be more accurately measured than a pheromone dispenser of the same pest.

Your Puffer® IMM will last for the entire season and can hang for 180 days before being replaced. During this time, no maintenance or check-ups on your device are required.

Myth: Pest control specialists need to hang substantial amounts of Puffers® for the product to have an effect.

The Puffer® IMM is an aerosol-based pheromone emitter, using a technology that allows pest control specialists to cover a lot of floor space with a single Puffer®. In fact, one Puffer® can protect 7300 square feet of commercial space from Indian meal moth.

In many facilities, pest control specialists only have to buy and hang a few Puffers® to provide full coverage with mating disruption. This ease of deployment can significantly reduce the time and labor required for pest protection in commercial storage facilities.

Myth: The Puffer® IMM is entirely ready to use out of the box.

Our Puffer® is almost ready to use out of the box- batteries are installed at the time of delivery. Deployment is as simple as removing the Puffer® from the box, turning it on for a test puff, and hanging the device.

However, the Puffer® does need to be turned on beforehand. Turn the Puffer® IMM away from you when turning on the device, as it will emit a test puff of pheromone product when turned on.

Myth: The Puffer® IMM can only be used in conventional facilities.

This is false. While conventional processors can and do use Suterra’s products, the Puffer® IMM is OMRI certified and approved for use in organic facilities. The pheromone emitted by the device is harmless and leaves no residue.

If you have more questions about Puffer® IMM, our team of experts is happy to help. Contact us or browse our selection of commercial pest products here.