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BioAmp® AA Reduces Callbacks in New Testimonial

Suterra Sep 16, 2022 6:00:00 AM
Bottle of BioAmp AA sitting among plants.

BioAmp® AA is Suterra’s groundbreaking trail pheromone adjuvant for Argentine ant. In this testimonial and short article, learn from trusted professionals about how BioAmp® AA has reduced callbacks and pest presence.

What is BioAmp® AA?

When Argentine ants build trails for other colony members to follow, they mark that trail with a pheromone, a unique chemical scent marker that other ants know is indicative of a path to a food source. BioAmp® AA perfectly mimics this pheromone, becoming indistinguishable from the scent marker the ants naturally produce. The trail pheromone then acts as an attractant, leading the ants into the area where the insecticide has been applied.

BioAmp® AA can be mixed in the same tank as non-repellant insecticide, therefore not adding additional sprays for pest control technicians. It is particularly beneficial when pest control specialists use limited amounts of insecticide, as the addition of BioAmp® AA increases the effectiveness of every drop of pesticide used.

BioAmp® AA Approved by Professionals


Don’t just take our word for it- listen to trusted professionals throughout the pest control industry. Josh Faur, the Orkin Branch Manager in Irvine, California, has had great success with the use of BioAmp® AA, reducing callbacks.

Argentine ant is a globally distributed pest and a particular nuisance in Southern California, where Irvine is located, which makes new and effective treatments for this pest especially lucrative.

“When you get something that’s never really been in the market before, and you get to test it out and see how it does, and you saw the success, that’s the reward,” Faur says, referencing his early adoption of the adjuvant. “What you see is a massive reduction of callbacks when you’re willing to invest in the product.”

In particular, Faur highlighted how easy the adjuvant was to use as an adjunct product to insecticides. “When you’re investing x amount of dollars into a product that’s at the high end, and you’re able to add something to it, it just makes that investment worth more money to you.”

If you have questions about BioAmp® AA, the Suterra commercial pest team is happy to help. Contact us here, watch the testimonial here or check out Suterra’s BioAmp® AA product page.