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Free eBook on Diamondback Moth Management

Posted by Suterra on Jun 16, 2021 8:27:53 PM

The diamondback moth presents a significant challenge for American producers of cruciferous plants. It is uniquely adept at developing resistance to traditional insecticides, can breed continuously in the warmer regions of the southern United States, and can produce up fifteen generations in a year depending on location. This billion-dollar problem has no single simple solution. Instead, a holistic Integrated Pest Management program is the best approach for tackling this prolific pest. 

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Monitoring for Diamondback Moth in Cole Crops

Posted by Suterra on Jun 15, 2021 10:01:13 PM

Diamondback moth can damage a wide variety of cole crops if left unchecked. Remind yourself of best practices when monitoring for this pest with these tips and tricks.

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