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Two Suterra small paper delta traps on a quad bed.

Understanding your Trap Count: ABCs

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Monitor for Citrus Mealybug with Suterra's CMB Lures

Suterra has recently released a lure to aid in monitoring for citrus mealybug, a pest of citrus crops in the United States and worldwide. Learn how and why you should monitor for..

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Monitor for Oriental Fruit Moth with Suterra's Traps and Lures

Oriental fruit moth is a common and potentially damaging pest in peach orchards. Monitoring for this insect on your farm is a critical component of your integrated pest management..

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Monitoring for Codling Moth in Walnut Orchards

As March approaches, traps to monitor the first codling moth flight will soon be placed in walnut orchards. Below are some reminders of best practices for monitoring and managing..

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Best Practices on Codling Moth Monitoring in Apple Orchards

Codling moth traps will soon be hung in apple orchards in the Pacific Northwest. Now is a great time to refresh your knowledge on how to look out for this pest using traps and..

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