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Innovation and Expertise on the Suterra Technical Team

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From the Lab to the Field– How Suterra Delivers the Highest-Quality Products

Field trials are essential throughout the product development process at Suterra, and our laboratory and field teams work together every step of the way. Learn more about..

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Safety in the field for the Suterra field team

Safety is the number one priority for the Suterra workforce. This sentiment extends outside the confines of our state-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing facility. Our field..

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3D Printing Promotes Innovation in Suterra Engineers

Scott Lindbloom, Suterra’s manufacturing engineer, inserts the force gauge into the Puffer® and easily clicks it into place. The gauge is quickly able to measure the motor power..

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Safety is Paramount in the Suterra Workplace

Suterra prides itself on its outstanding attention to safety in the workplace. It’s one of the many ways Suterra can show that it values its employees.

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