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Looking back at CA Farmer and Farm Worker Month

Suterra Nov 1, 2021 9:48:28 AM

This year, the California State Senate dubbed October as California’s Farmer and Farm Worker month. Suterra is privileged to have the opportunity to work with a diverse variety of growers in California, the broader United States and the world in protecting their crops.


Throughout recent years, growers have faced several unprecedented challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic had profound effects on supply chains and the economy, and the West Coast in particular has had to deal with increasingly frequent and expansive wildfires.

Through all of this, growers have powered through. As farmers are well aware, the growing season stops for no one. Growers are uniquely patient, flexible and determined, producing high-quality crops through rain and shine.

“You — like generations before you — have persisted through major challenges and continue to advance world-class crop production. In other words, you’ve survived and emerged stronger than ever,” says Ernie Roncoroni, President and CEO at Grow West.


Suterra is deeply thankful for the collaborations with growers and other agricultural experts. As an example, Suterra recently assisted in a vine mealybug biocontrol study in Lodi, California, providing wine growers with the tools needed to control this pest.

The team at Suterra is always happy to work with growers to provide solutions and information surrounding mating disruption, pest monitoring solutions and Integrated Pest Management. If you have questions, reach out to your local field representative or contact Suterra’s experts at this link.