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Oranges in orange grove

Effective Monitoring and Control of California Red Scale in Citrus Groves

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CAPCA Adviser Advertorial: CheckMate® NOW-F Is the New Industry Standard "Mummy Spray"

CheckMate® NOW-F Reduces Damage This information was first shared in the March/April edition of the CAPCA Adviser newsletter on page 39. Lower crop prices and higher navel..

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Safety in the field for the Suterra field team

Safety is the number one priority for the Suterra workforce. This sentiment extends outside the confines of our state-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing facility. Our field..

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Suterra Aids in Lodi Area-Wide Vine Mealybug Biocontrol Demonstration in Grapes

Suterra’s CheckMate® mating disruption products for vine mealybug were used in a collaborative Integrated Pest Management demonstration project funded by Sustainable Agriculture..

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Vine Mealybug Season Tips: When to apply mealybug treatment?

Want advice on when to deploy mating disruption for vine mealybug and which of our platforms is best for you? Our technical team has several season tips that can help you optimize..

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VMB-XL Field Release Rate Studies Demonstrate Effectiveness

CheckMate® VMB-XL is the longest-lasting mating disruption dispenser for control of vine mealybug in grapevines. The product uses Suterra's proprietary release technology for..

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Suterra Marks Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Puffer®

Puffer®, the aerosol pheromone emitter that revolutionized the agriculture industry with a non-toxic pesticide alternative, celebrates a quarter century of sustainable pest..

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Reduce Navel Orangeworm Populations In Season with NOW-F Flowable

Until recently, Navel Orangeworm IPM lacked a mating disruption option that could be applied reactively based on in-season conditions. Checkmate® NOW-F, the first sprayable..

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Tech Team Takeover: University Research Confirms CheckMate® CRS Mating Disruption Reduces Pest Damage in Citrus

This technical article was written by Dr. Emily Symmes, PhD in Entomology and Technical Field Manager at Suterra.

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