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Almonds are processed by a worker in a stored product facility.

Red and Confused Flour Beetles: Pest Profile

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Suterra Releases NOW-F eBook

Unleash the power of sprayable mating disruption with long-lasting control. Protect your crops, reduce navel orangeworm populations, and maximize harvest quality with this..

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From the Lab to the Field– How Suterra Delivers the Highest-Quality Products

Field trials are essential throughout the product development process at Suterra, and our laboratory and field teams work together every step of the way. Learn more about..

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Safety in the field for the Suterra field team

Safety is the number one priority for the Suterra workforce. This sentiment extends outside the confines of our state-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing facility. Our field..

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Impact of Grapevine Leafroll Viruses and Cost of Replanting Vineyards

Vine mealybug can have devastating impacts on vineyards not because of the impact of their feeding on vines and the production of waste, but because they are a vector for..

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Social Media Roundup May 2023: Codling Moth and Beneficial Insects

Did you catch Suterra on social media this month? Recap on our most recent posts for mating disruption information, grower tips and tricks and more in this May summary.

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VMB-F eBook Preview: The Backbone In The Fight Against Vine Mealybug

Are vine mealybugs wreaking havoc on your vineyard, posing a formidable threat to your crop yield? Fear not, Suterra has released an exclusive eBook guide to aid you in vine..

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Understanding Diamondback Moth: Crop Protection and Mating Disruption

Are you a cole crop grower or crop advisor for cole crops? Diamondback moth is one of the largest threats to cole crop yields worldwide. Learn more about this pest and how to..

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Parasitoid wasp releases in vineyards and cole crops

Want to learn more about how people are optimizing the use of beneficial insects in their vineyards or fields? Read this article for information on parasitoid wasps, other..

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