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Mating Disruption Explained

Watch Cody Hays and Andrea Holeman explain mating disruption. Suterra dives into their pest management solution of mating disruption during an interview with the news station,..

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Vine Mealybug Season Tips: When to apply mealybug treatment?

Want advice on when to deploy mating disruption for vine mealybug and which of our platforms is best for you? Our technical team has several season tips that can help you optimize..

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Starting Early in Cole Crops with DBM-F Flowable

The early bird gets the worm - this idiom is more applicable than ever when it comes to diamondback moth. Are you familiar with the benefits of starting early with mating..

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Ants and Their Symbiotic Relationship with Vine Mealybug

Ants and mealybugs share a complex, symbiotic relationship- and this relationship can have consequences for your vineyard. Do you know why ant control can be important to your..

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What is the Suterra BioLure®?

Pheromone lures and traps are an established staple when monitoring many insect pests. Learn more about what makes the Suterra BioLure® unique in the integrated pest management..

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VMB-XL Field Release Rate Studies Demonstrate Effectiveness

CheckMate® VMB-XL is the longest-lasting mating disruption dispenser for control of vine mealybug in grapevines. The product uses Suterra's proprietary release technology for..

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Social Media Roundup: February 2023

Did you catch Suterra on social media this month? Recap on our most recent posts for mating disruption information, grower tips and tricks and more.

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What is BioAmp® AA?

BioAmp® AA is Suterra’s groundbreaking adjuvant for the treatment of Argentine Ant. Learn more about how this product works and how it can help you in this article.

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Monitoring for Indian Meal Moth in Commercial Facilities

Worried that your stored product facility may be vulnerable to an Indian meal moth infestation? Learn more about monitoring for this pest of stored grains, nuts, pet food, and..

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