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Grower Funding Opportunities for IPM Practices

Suterra Feb 11, 2022 10:09:35 AM

Integrated Pest Management solutions offer long-term benefits for growers. The use of mating disruption prevents pests from building up insecticide resistance and reduces pest damage. In addition to these direct benefits to the grower, mating disruption is also ecologically friendly, leaves no residue, and is suitable to use in organic orchards.

Growers are not the only members of the agricultural community with an increasing interest in IPM and mating disruption. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)’s EQIP (Environmental Quality Incentives Program) recognizes the ecological benefits of IPM, and through this program, the NCRS is willing to provide financial incentives to growers who implement environmentally friendly practices like mating disruption.

How to Apply for Funding

To enter the application pool to receive funding for mating disruption, growers need to contact their local NRCS office, which can be found at this link.

Once in communication with an NRCS staff member, the grower will receive an NRCS site assessment. If the organization determines that a grower is a good fit for the program (applicants must meet certain requirements, such as earning less than $900K per year), they can then submit their formal application. Growers that are selected for the program can expect to hear back several months after the application deadline.

The deadline for receiving funding in 2024 are as follows:

Application Deadline: December 9th, 2022

Funding Selection: TBA

Obligation (When the contract is put into place): TBA

If you have questions about whether mating disruption may be a good fit for your farm, the Suterra team is happy to help set you on the path to success. You can learn more about the NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program on our site. Contact your local Suterra field representative or send us a message online using our contact form here.