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Social Media Roundup May 2024: Navel Orangeworm & Diamondback Moth Solutions

Suterra Jun 5, 2024 3:30:00 PM

Did you catch Suterra on social media last month? Here is a recap on our most recent posts for mating disruption information, grower tips and tricks and more.

5/1: Start Clean, Stay Clean - Napa Road Show

Start Clean, Stay Clean - Vineyard Road Show – May 7 - Napa
Join Suterra, Wonderful Laboratories, and Wonderful Nurseries for the BEST opportunity to earn continuing education hours in Napa. The event will have expert speakers to help you keep your 2024 season on track.


5/3: Indian Meal Moth Solutions

Indian meal moths can not only damage products, but they can also erode consumer trust with brands. The stakes are high, and Mike Holcomb, an entomologist with Technical Directions, Inc. said it best:
“To keep these pests at a low or no contamination risk level, food processors and ingredient suppliers must be constantly vigil concerning [stored product insect] population increase so that appropriate and timely corrective actions can be taken to minimize product risk.”
Read more about this pest and how Suterra’s corrective actions will keep not only your product, but your brand intact this season:


5/10: Hull Split Spray Planning

As you plan your hull split sprays, remember to add CheckMate® NOW-F into the tank for a free ride and to take advantage of the longest acting navel orangeworm control available on the market today. Talk to your preferred distributor or visit for more information.


5/14: Mating Disruption Spotlight

"While mating disruption has existed for many decades for relatively simple pheromone molecules like those emitted by moth pests, Suterra was the first company to introduce a mating disruption solution for more complex pests like scales and mealybugs. It also pioneered sustainable, effective biocontrol solutions for California red scale and vine mealybug, products that are amongst its most demanded even today."

Check out Suterra's mating disruption spotlight on


5/17: National Walnut Day

Protect your walnuts for National Walnut Day! Codling moth is a primary pest of walnuts, causing nut drop early in the season and infesting the harvestable crop later in the year. How are you protecting your walnuts from codling moth? Suterra has many monitoring and mating disruption solutions available, including a dual lure.

Find more information here:


5/20: National Bee Day

Today is National Bee Day, a time to acknowledge the role bees play in agriculture. Bees are essential pollinators and crucial for crop production worldwide. Through their diligent pollination efforts, bees contribute to the growth of fruits, nuts, and vegetables, ensuring bountiful harvests and food security. Let's celebrate National Bee Day by appreciating the vital role bees play in sustaining agriculture and advocating for their protection.



5/21: Biodiversity Day

The Earth has more than 510 billion square kilometers. If we look at just one meter of them, we will find hundreds of different life forms: insects, microorganisms, other plants...
Today is Biodiversity Day, a good time to appreciate how much biodiversity there is on the planet and how fragile its balance is.
Specific and biodiversity-friendly agricultural techniques such as mating disruption support the richness and balance of the land.


5/23: Diamondback Moth Issues

Having diamondback moth issues?
CheckMate® DBM-F gives growers the flexibility to spray two, three, four or more times each season depending on the timing and pressure of DBM in their fields.
Visit for more information.


5/28: Pheromone Delivery Systems

It is widely accepted within the agricultural industry that mating disruption is an effective and valuable Integrated Pest Management tactic. Whether you’re a new or experienced user of mating disruption, Suterra is here to provide a solid explanation of the different types of pheromone delivery systems and how they function. Visit for more information.