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Meet the Guardians of the Land

Suterra has launched a new campaign in Spain and Italy to pay tribute to the men and women of sustainable farming, recognizing growers who are committed to respecting the environment through innovative farming practices. Each chapter of the campaign showcases our shared values and highlights successful crop protection stories.

We invite you to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and listen as these growers share their approach to balancing progress and protection.

For more on #sustainableagriculture, follow the Guardianes del Paisaje Instagram account.

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Bodegas Muga & Suterra

Chapter 1

The first chapter of the Guardians del Paisaje™ series features Bodegas Muga, an internationally renowned Riojan winery whose quality wines are widely valued throughout the world. Muga accomplishes this quality through a balance of traditional techniques and innovative advancements in the wine industry. The strategic alliance between Muga, leader in the wine sector, and Suterra, pioneers in sustainable pest control, promotes the conservation of the landscape of La Rioja and the protection of its legacy vineyards. 


Parque Natural de l’Albufera & Suterra

Chapter 2

This second chapter of the Guardians del Paisaje™ series is dedicated to a pioneering initiative that has become an example of sustainability for the world: the protection of one of the most valuable wetlands in Europe. The Natural Park of l'Albufera de València initiated a successful biocontrol experiment more than 30 years ago to improve the biodiversity of birds and other wildlife suffering from overuse of harmful pesticides. The generational rice growers of this historic region partnered with Suterra to protect their legacy landscapes. Today, the rice borer pest is controlled on over 15,000 hectares of rice without the use of harmful insecticides.


San Leonardo & Suterra

Chapter 3

The third chapter of 'Guardians of the Land' is dedicated to the renowned San Leonardo winery. Its three centuries of history demonstrate its dedication to the protection of the landscape in which the winery and its vineyards are located, in Val Lagarina, at the foot of Monte Baldo and the Lessini mountains. San Leonardo is the first Italian protagonist in this documentary series that pays tribute to the commitment to sustainable agriculture. Suterra recognises the work of San Leonardo team members in preserving the territory's heritage. The positive impact of their vineyards on the landscape makes them perfect 'Guardians of the Land'.



‘Dialogues’ Jean Leon & Suterra | Mireia Torres

We launched Guardians of the Land "Dialogues", a new space for dissemination of innovation in sustainable agriculture. In this first installment, Mireia Torres, director of the Jean Lean winery, discusses with Carolina Maset, International Brand Manager of Suterra about the pioneering initiatives they are carrying out in their vineyards to preserve the Penedes landscape.


‘Dialogues’ Jean Leon & Suterra | Josep Bruna

In this second edition of ‘Guardians of the Land’™ Dialogues, we chat with Josep Bruna, head of viticulture at the Jean Leon winery. Josep knows every inch of the land and every vine on the estate like the back of his hand after more than 30 years of working there. At Jean Leon they know how to read the Penedès countryside, they believe in nature, they protect it and always keep a watchful eye. That’s what makes them the real ‘Guardians of the Land’.


‘Dialogues’ BOCOPA & Suterra | Toni Santonja

In this third edition of ‘Guardians of the Land’ Dialogues, we chat with Toni Santonja, technical director at Bodegas BOCOPA (D.O. Alicante). The problem of gluconic acid in the grape is one of the topics of this conversation, and you will learn how it originates, how it affects the wine and how they have succeeded in minimizing it with good vineyard protection using the Suterra Puffer® mating disruption technique. Because of the sustainable work they are carrying out at BOCOPA, we consider them ‘Guardians of the Land’.

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