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The World Leader

Suterra is a world leader in bio-rational pest control products.

Suterra develops environmentally friendly products using naturally occurring compounds such as pheromones. Our products have a non-toxic mode of action, leave no harmful residues, and do not disrupt beneficial insect populations. We support sustainable farming techniques around the world, along with a wide variety of sensitive food storage and commercial applications.


30+ Years Experience

Our heritage dates to 1983 when we produced our first pheromone products.

Today, we produce hundreds of products used on six continents around the world. Our pest control solutions come in many different forms including proprietary aerosol emitters, sprayable formulations, attract and kill platforms and specialized monitoring lures. All have been developed in close partnerships with our customers and pest control specialists.


Invested in Your Future

We continuously invest in the next generation of active ingredients and products.

Our research teams in pheromone synthesis, engineering, and field development are driving a pipeline of technology that will be delivering new active ingredients and products well into the next decade. Continuous re-investment is a core element of our mission and company strategy.


World-Class Facilities

We proudly develop, produce, and manufacture our products in our own world-class facilities.

Our state of the art facility in Bend, Oregon is the world’s largest dedicated pheromone plant. Its campus integrates all aspects of our business under one roof: research and development, large-scale pheromone synthesis, product engineering and manufacturing.


Experts in Our Field

We have industry-renowned talent in all areas of our business from chemistry to entomology to engineering.

Our team of industry leading experts understand the rigors of being a leading pest professional and the need for the highest quality monitoring and control products. We strive to provide you with not only the best products on the market, but the best customer care and support.


Well Connected

We are part of one of the world’s largest agricultural families.

Suterra is wholly owned by The Wonderful Company, one of the world’s largest agricultural and consumer products companies. Our sister companies manage 180,000 acres of nuts, citrus, vines and pomegranates; and manage processing, storage, and transport facilities around the world.


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Available Products

BioAmp® AA is a sprayable pheromone for use as an adjuvant with non-repellent insecticide sprays when treating for Argentine Ant.   Learn More>

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BioLure® was developed in-house taking real world applications into account. Using Suterra’s proprietary release technology and features an easy-to-use adhesive backing and protective front peel-off cover.   Learn More>

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Monitoring is a key aspect of a successful Integrated Pest
Management (IPM) strategy. Trap capture data provides an understanding of flight timing, pest prevalence, and hot spots; allowing growers to apply control products with precision.   Learn More>

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