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What is BioAmp® AA?

Suterra Feb 24, 2023 10:16:10 AM
Argentine ants forming a trail on concrete.

BioAmp® AA is Suterra’s groundbreaking adjuvant for the treatment of Argentine Ant. Learn more about how this product works and how it can help you in this article.

Imitating a Trail Pheromone

BioAmp® AA works by mimicking a pheromone produced by the Argentine Ant. Pheromones are unique chemical signals, which members of the same species can ‘smell’ to interpret a message. For example, the majority of Suterra’s products mimic a sex pheromone usually produced by the female insect to attract males for reproduction. When enough of this sex pheromone is emitted into the air, males can no longer pinpoint the exact location of females of their species and therefore don’t get the opportunity to reproduce before they live out their lifespan.

BioAmp® AA operates on a slightly different mechanism. Rather than imitating a sex pheromone, BioAmp® AA imitates the Argentine Ant’s trail pheromone. You’re likely familiar with the long, sometimes extremely elaborate ‘roads’ ants will create, seemingly with no guidelines on how they can perfectly follow the same path as other ants of the same species. These ‘roads’ are created via the ant’s trail pheromone, which other ants can detect and follow with the pinpoint accuracy that the family of insects is known for.

Using BioAmp® AA as an Adjuvant

BioAmp® AA uses the ant’s natural instinct to follow its species’ trail pheromone against it. By using Bioamp AA adjuvant with a non-repellent insecticide spray, pest management professionals (PMPs) are essentially attracting more ants into area where the specialist has sprayed with insecticide.

By attracting and concentrating more ants in a targeted area, specialists can get more bang for their buck with their insecticide while also treating a smaller surface area than they might otherwise. BioAmp® AA can be especially helpful as an adjuvant for PMPs that want to be as effective as possible when using their premium, high-quality products or in situations where a specialist may only be permitted to use a limited amount of insecticide.

Trusting the Science

BioAmp® AA is not just an effective product in theory; it has been proven to significantly reduce the need for reapplications of insecticide and has been adopted into the Argentine Ant spray program of some of the largest pest control operators. Additionally, the product is compatible with almost every non-repellent spray commonly used for Argentine Ant, allowing for great flexibility in how PMPs choose to treat their target pests.

"Suterra’s pheromone adjuvant reduces callbacks and improves customer satisfaction," said Pat Copps, former Technical Manager at Orkin Pest Control and current President of PTC Urban Entomology Consultants. "It's a win for both you and your customer."

If you would like to learn more about compatibility, BioAmp® AA, or our other pheromone products, visit our product page for BioAmp® AA or contact us through our online portal.