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Flowable Deployment Tips and Tricks

Suterra May 13, 2022 3:45:00 AM

Suterra offers sprayable mating disruption products for a wide variety of high-profile agricultural pests, including navel orangeworm, vine mealybug, codling moth, diamondback moth, and more. For the best use of our products, follow these simple steps when deploying our sprayable pheromone.


Calibration and Calculation

Initially, you will need to calibrate your spray equipment. You will need to use larger than D1 nozzles and screens coarser than 50 mesh. Do not use gear or roller pumps when deploying our sprayable pheromone.

Next, calculate how much product you will need to use. Label application rate for each of Suterra’s sprayable products can be found on their individual product pages and deployment guides. Flowable works well with nearly any water volume.

Prepare: Shake Well


Suterra’s sprayable products naturally separate and form a crust or ‘cake layer’ at the top of the bottle. First, strike the bottle on a hard surface until this crust breaks apart to prepare the product. After doing this, shake vigorously to ensure an even distribution of the active ingredient.

Flowable (cake) layer illustration v4

Do not let this product sit for extended periods of time after shaking and before deployment, as separation of ingredients is common and can occur fairly rapidly.


Suterra’s sprayable pheromone is tank-mixable with most common agrochemicals, allowing for increased flexibility and efficiency in treating crops. Always partially fill the tank before mixing. If you are mixing a sprayable pheromone product with other products, add the other products to the tank before adding the pheromone. Contact your local Suterra representative with any compatibility questions.


For optimal product usage, triple-rinse the Flowable bottles and dump the rinses into the mixing tank after rinsing.




Spray application of pheromone products is simple and allows for varied styles of applications. Each microencapsulated droplet of pheromone acts as its own emitter, meaning that full coverage of crops is not required for the product to take effect. Flowable is compatible with both ground and aerial applications and will immediately take effect.

If you want to know more about Suterra’s sprayable products, our experts are happy to help. Contact your local field representative or send us a message through our online portal, located here.