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CheckMate® VMB-XL Listed With OMRI For Use In Organic Agriculture

Suterra May 6, 2022 6:00:00 AM

BEND, Ore. - April 25, 2022 - PRLog -- Suterra, the global leader in sustainable pheromone pest control, announces that CheckMate® VMB-XL is now listed with OMRI (the Organic Materials Review Institute) for use in organic agricultural production.

"With the increasing popularity of organic produce and wine among consumers, many agricultural producers are looking for ways to meet the demand for organic grapes grown in the USA," says Lauren Simpson, Suterra Product Manager. "As more vineyards choose to embrace organic, certified sustainable, and biodynamic farming, more viticulturists are reaching out to Suterra for products that meet those rigorous standards.  By listening to our grower customers, we are able to offer products like CheckMate® that work in all of these systems."

New to the OMRI list is CheckMate® VMB-XL, one of Suterra's most popular pheromone dispensers.  Growers simply hang the dispensers once per season in their vineyard to control Vine Mealybug (VMB).  If left unchecked, this pest can create significant economic damage to crops.

Suterra's season-long mating disruption products release species-specific sex pheromones into the environment, making it difficult for males to locate and mate with females. The result is lower pest populations and reduced damage to crops, higher yields and better quality crops for growers.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that grape growers can control pest populations with non-toxic products that leave no residue, are safe for beneficial insects like bees and lady bugs, and fit into their integrated pest management plans.

Organic growers can find all of Suterra's organic product offerings at or find Suterra's OMRI listed products at

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