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8/22 Social Media Roundup: Almonds, Cover Crops and More

Suterra Aug 22, 2022 3:27:00 PM

Did you catch Suterra on social media this week? Recap on our most recent posts for mating disruption information, grower tips and tricks and more in this new biweekly summary.

August 1: Cover Cropping

Did you know that cover cropping helps native pollinators and honeybees alike? Cover crops provide habitat for native pollinators and nutrition for bees that are working overtime.

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August 2: Argentine Ants

Argentine Ants are one of the most widely distributed pests in the world. They form massive colonies and use pheromones to create trails on which they carry food back to their nest- often, these ant 'highways' lead them right to your food storage warehouse where they have easy access to your product. 🐜🐜🐜
Suterra's BioAmp® AA uses the ant's trail pheromone against them, allowing you to mimic their trail pheromone and pave a 'road' to get them right where you want them for easy control.

August 3: Visalia Peaches

Have you ever had a peach straight off the tree? Several members of the Suterra team had the opportunity to travel to beautiful Visalia last week for some field visits with the field team, and we even had the privilege to sample some fruit from the growers we service. Here's hoping for more beautiful days and delicious fruit!


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August 4: Mando Perez

Today we'd like to highlight Mando Perez, Technical Field Manager and PCA for Suterra! Mando has been with Suterra since 2018, is a member of the CAPCA committee and expert in all things IPM.
Thanks for everything you do for us, Mando!

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August 5: Harvest Evaluation

As almond harvest begins, remember to collect some nut samples directly from the field for harvest damage evaluation! If time is limited now, samples can be held in cold storage and processed once harvest is complete. Damage evaluation is critical in determining the success of your IPM program and planning for next season.
Learn more here.
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August 8: Seeds for Bees

 PAm's Seeds for Bees program is open for enrollment until the end of August! Seeds for Bees helps almond growers optimize their cover crop, giving pollinators a much-needed boost during almond bloom. Learn more here.
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August 9: National Farmer's Market Week

Celebrate National Farmer's Market Week by enjoying some fresh produce! At Suterra, we're proud to sustainably help growers of all sizes provide the world with delicious food and drink.

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August 15: Codling Moth Biolures

Monitoring for codling moth in orchards where you're already using mating disruption? Suterra offers a solution for this challenge.
Our Combo CM BioLure® attracts both males and females to your traps so that you can track flights even under mating disruption. Continue consistent monitoring season after season with Suterra.

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August 17: Bee Better Certified

Almonds are a pollinator-dependent crop, meaning bee-friendly farming methods are more important than ever. See if your almond orchard qualifies for the Bee Better Certified™ seal here:

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August 19: Almond Harvest

Harvest time for almonds is here! Our team is hard at work in the orchards talking with growers, conducting harvest evaluations for navel orangeworm, and soaking up sun in the field. Happy harvest!