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The Wonderful Company and Suterra: Chapter 4 of the Guardians of the Land Series

Suterra Dec 12, 2023 4:00:00 AM

The Wonderful Company, a leading company in the US agricultural sector, is the star of the newest chapter of Suterra's Guardians of the Land campaign.

With a workforce of nearly 10,000 people worldwide, this major North American agri-food company is the largest citrus grower in the United States and the world’s leading producer of nuts. At Wonderful, they grow and sell a wide range of products such as fruit, nuts, wines, and juices. Rachel Ostroff, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at The Wonderful Company, describes the responsibility they assume as global producers: “We are a major global company, which means we can generate great changes, but also obliges us to take on great commitments.”



Guardians of the Land in the United States


‘Guardians of the Land’ crosses the Atlantic for the first time in this new chapter to show the relationship between The Wonderful Company and Suterra. As stated in the video by Wonderful: “We partnered with Suterra, the global leader in biocontrol, to reduce insecticide use by employing sustainable solutions for pest control.” The two companies, working together, focus on conserving natural resources, driving environmentally friendly practices and empowering farmers to adopt innovations to solve the current challenges faced by agriculture.


Biocontrol with Pheromones


To protect crops and to further our commitment to sustainable farming, we use Suterra’s pheromone technology to control pests safely,” says Austin Blais, Manager of Sustainability Strategy at The Wonderful Company.

Mating disruption is an effective technique that promotes biodiversity, protects beneficial insects, leaves no residue on the fruit, and increases the amount of marketable fruit at harvest.




Doing Well by Doing Good


At The Wonderful Company our calling is clear: to leave the planet better than we found it, starting in our own backyard.” Their motto is doing well by doing good, and to do so they know that they have to keep protecting and preserving the land for future generations. “This means we must take on new challenges and push the boundaries of what’s possible tomorrow,” concludes Kimberly Brown, Vice President of Company Resources.



Preserving a Legacy of Sustainability

Suterra is proud to add The Wonderful Company to the list of producers recognized as 'Guardians of the Land.' This documentary series, which pays homage to the farmers who are committed to sustainable practices, began in Spain with Bodegas Muga de La Rioja, highlighted the biocontrol initiative in the rice fields of Valencia’s L’Albufera Nature Park in its second edition, and visited Bodega San Leonardo winery in Trentino, Italy in the third chapter.

"Today we shine the spotlight on the work done by the team at The Wonderful Company. Their dedication, investments, and efforts to conserve natural resources make them true Guardians of the Land," concludes Carolina Maset, Global Brand Manager of Suterra.




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