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Suterra Releases Video on Sprayable Mating Disruption

Suterra Jun 29, 2021 10:20:54 AM

Check out Suterra’s newest video on sprayable mating disruption! In the video, a Suterra expert explains how sprayable pheromone can be a flexible, versatile option for growers dealing with variable conditions throughout the season.


CheckMate® Sprayable Mating Disruption Technology

Among the available platforms for growers, CheckMate® spray-on mating disruption stands out as a uniquely versatile option for growers in situations where a direct application would work best. Suterra’s sprayable pheromone products use a technology known as microencapsulation, which suspends and traps a small amount of pheromone in a microscopic sphere. When deployed in an orchard or vineyards, the microscopic droplets act like tiny individual dispensers, releasing pheromone and disrupting the mating cycle of the target pest.

CheckMate’s method of pheromone delivery is particularly useful because its versatile, spray-on nature allows growers to deploy the product even during parts of the season that would normally be too costly and expensive to deploy an entirely new bout of pest management. The spray is tank-mixable with most common agrochemicals and is easy to integrate into any existing spray regimen, as growers can simply use whatever spray equipment they have on hand to apply CheckMate® sprayable mating disruption to their crops.

Because of the unique way each droplet serves as its own miniature dispenser, spray-on mating disruption does not require the same amount of coverage as most other sprayables. CheckMate® sprayables can also be combined with virtually any amount of water in the tank and still be used effectively. In addition, the formulation is safe for the environment, does not harm beneficial pollinators and natural enemies of pests, and leaves no residue on crops.

CheckMate® is especially effective for use in situations where growers are experiencing unpredictable pest pressure, as the flexible nature of the technology allows growers to limit their sprays to when they’re needed, where they’re needed. The technology is increasing in popularity and available for a wide variety of pests including Vine Mealybug, Navel Orangeworm, Codling Moth, Diamondback Moth, Oriental Fruit Moth, and many more.

Mating disruption is becoming more and more popular in the Integrated Pest Management space to the point of nearly being ubiquitous in some crops. When you consider what mating disruption platforms work best for you, keep CheckMate® sprayable formulations in mind as a flexible and cost-effective solution for protecting your crops.

If you have questions about sprayable mating disruption, or mating disruption in general, Suterra is happy to help. Contact your local representative or send a message to our customer care team using this form.