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Suterra Releases NOW-F eBook

Suterra Jul 10, 2023 11:47:04 AM

Unleash the power of sprayable mating disruption with long-lasting control. Protect your crops, reduce navel orangeworm populations, and maximize harvest quality with this flexible solution. Get a free preview of our CheckMate® NOW-F eBook and then download the whole book for free.

Longest Acting Sprayable

"Every article, conference, and workshop in recent years validates the efficacy of mating disruption technology and encourages adoption. It is the consensus across California’s nut crop industries that mating disruption for navel orangeworm (NOW) is a foundational component of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program and adds significant value. Record rainfall hit the state in early 2023, replenishing some much-needed water supply but also causing significant destruction to farmland across California. Growers fortunate enough to have viable orchards this season now face the task of reevaluating the harvest potential. Many growers who were unable to
commit to a season-long mating disruption approach are now exploring options to incorporate the technology in their IPM programs by taking advantage of the flexibility and value that sprayable pheromones offer.


There is still an opportunity to use a targeted approach to keep mating disruption pressure on NOW populations.


Suterra’s mating disruption technology offers the industry the longest-acting sprayable option to protect nut crops from navel orangeworm damage while delivering a unique mating disruption mode of action. CheckMate® NOW-F is labeled for application by ground and air, and many growers are taking advantage of the flexibility of this formulation to successfully use a variety of traditional and novel methods to distribute sprayable pheromones into their orchards."


Whether you are a seasoned grower or new to the industry, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to effectively manage navel orangeworm. Download to read the full eBook.


Download NOW-F eBook




For more information on integrated pest management, Suterra is happy to help. Contact one of our experts online or your local representative.