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BioAmp AA 1


Item # Product Name Sales Format Unit Unit Price Freight Minimum Order Qty
BioAmp AA
6 Bottles/case
2 cases, per order


1 Liter Bottle
(Makes approximately 32 individual, 1 gallon doses when tank mixed)

Label & SDS

Target Pest

Argentine ant
Linepithema humile

Active Ingredient

(Z)-9-Hexadecenal 0.56%

Mixture Application

Add one capful (25 mL) of BioAmp® AA per finished gallon of non-repellent insecticide mix. Maintain constant agitation during mixing and application; follow direction for use on insecticide label

Region & Registration

BioAmp® AA is available for sale in all
50 US states.
US EPA does not require Adjuvants to be registered. However, 9 states define "pesticide" to include adjuvants, and they must be registered as pesticides in the following states: AR, CA, ID, KY, MS, TN, UT, WA & WY.
Suterra LLC has registrations in all these states, thus allowing sale and use of products in all 50 states within the USA.
[California Registration #: 56336-50001-AA]

Sales Program Details

Program Period: January 1st - December 31st

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