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Returning Product

Suterra offers recycling and credit options for returning used and unused product at the end of the season.

Used Puffers®

Suterra strongly recommends leaving current season Puffers® hanging until they are replaced with next season’s, doing so improves pest control and saves on labor costs.

We will honor our Clean Orchard Promise by paying for shipping and handling to return and recycle used devices.

Submit before May 15, 2024.

Return Instructions

To recycle used Puffers®, follow the return and Puffer® stacking instructions below:
  1. Complete the Puffer® Recycling Return Request form.
  2. Freight will be arranged and paid for by Suterra.
  3. Customer must properly stack and prepare Puffers® per the instructions below.
Puffer G3 with white can

Stacking Instructions

Canister-Style Devices

Puffer Cabinet G2

Stacking Instructions

Cabinet-Style Devices