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CheckMate® Puffer® IMM

for Indianmeal Moth (IMM) and other stored product moth.

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Item # Product Name Sales Format Unit Unit Price Freight Minimum Order Qty
Puffer® IMM
One Puffer®
6 Puffers®, per order


1 Puffer® cabinet (aerosol can, plastic cabinet, 4 AA batteries, and 1 hook included)

Label & SDS

Target Pest

Indianmeal moth (P. interpunctella)
& other stored product moths  (Plodia & Ephestia species)

Active Ingredient

(Z,E)-9,12-tetradecadien-1-yl acetate 3.65%

Application Directions

  • Suspend an activated Puffer® Aerosol cabinet containing one full Puffer® canister from secure supports such as walls, pallets, columns, or ceiling hangers, ideally 7 to 15 feet from the floor (but higher is acceptable).
  • Deploy the Puffers® at a rate of 1 Puffer® per 7,300 feet2 and consider internal airflows: in case of constant internal air flows, ensure that the Puffers® are oriented in the same direction as the main airflow.
  • Place Puffers® where the spray is directed away from walls and open food sources.

Region & Registration

Checkmate® Puffer® IMM is registered at the US EPA level, please confirm with your state for individual state registrations.

Sales Program Details

Program Period: January 1st - December 31st

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Order Placement & Fulfillment

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