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Vine Mealybug can destroy generations of success.

That's why leading growers have trusted CheckMate VMB for years. Highly effective and sustainable, CheckMate pheromone products are proven to reduce damage. Control VMB with CheckMate to protect your vines year after year.


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Dispenser Flowable Vine

Why Leading Growers
Choose CheckMate®

  • Proven to Reduce damage and pest populations 
  • Highly Specific to the target pest
  • MRL Exempt and 0 PHI
  • Easy to integrate into IPM program 
  • Precise and long lasting 

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CheckMate® VMB-F

16667 VMB-F Bottle

CheckMate® VMB-XL

VMB-XL Dispenser

See how easy it is to add CheckMate® VMB-F into your current spray program with our deployment guide:

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