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Zak Clark highlighted for Puffer® 25 year anniversary

Suterra Feb 7, 2023 4:39:39 PM

For the 25th anniversary of our groundbreaking Puffer® technology, Suterra’s Zak Clark talked to Faces magazine about the experience of building a high-quality, reliable product. Read more about how Suterra’s engineering team continues to produce innovative designs below.

What makes a Puffer®?

Any pheromone-based mating disruption product consists of two primary components; the pheromone, which is the active ingredient, and the method of delivery for that pheromone. The platform used in the mating disruption can vary depending on the unique requirements of the crop, climactic variables, and whether a grower wants to use season-long mating disruption or apply as needed. (Check our website for more information on our sprayable and dispenser platforms.)

The Puffer® is uniquely suitable as a mating disruption platform for a wide variety of pests. As an aerosol emitter, the Puffer® does not simply passively release pheromone but will actively release a predetermined amount of pheromone at temperatures when pests are active. This allows growers to rest easy, knowing their crops are protected regardless of climate and temperature worldwide.


“The pheromone is what does the work to protect your crops by reducing damage. That means that everything else about the product, from the chemistry, to the can, to the batteries, must be thoughtfully designed to get the right dose of pheromone out in every puff, in any weather, all season long.” Clark says.


Suterra's Puffer® trusted by growers


Zak Clark goes on to explain why a product line that has been reliably protecting growers for over 25 years is especially important in the growing industry of mating disruption.


“Suterra has been making aerosol Puffers® for longer than any mating disruption manufacturer. For more than a decade, we have been collecting and diagnosing how they perform for continued design improvement in varying environmental conditions across millions of acres.”

Over the decades, this constant flow of innovation, evaluation, and improvement has resulted in the modern patented new Puffer® design, of which Zak Clark was one of the inventors. The current product is the collective result of many talented minds focused on quality above all else.

“Our team at Suterra understands that our products protect growers’ livelihoods, and so we take quality incredibly seriously in our product design. We have a leading team of engineers and chemists with various backgrounds rooted in quality control. We came from sectors of the aerospace and defense, automotive, food, and pharmaceutical industries where there is zero tolerance for defects. The experience of our team and Suterra’s state-of-the-art, fully integrated manufacturing capabilities allow us to fulfill our commitment to quality.”

If you have questions about the Suterra Puffer®, visit our product page here or reach out to our team through our contact us form.