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January Social Media Roundup

Suterra Jan 31, 2023 3:00:00 PM
Almond tree branch in budswell.

Did you catch Suterra on social media this week? Recap on our most recent posts for mating disruption information, grower tips and tricks and more in this summary.

January 2: Beautiful Citrus

Grocery stores expect beautiful citrus. Using our CheckMate® CRS to reduce red scale populations, you protect your valuable citrus from cosmetic damage that can reduce the grade of your fruit.

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January 4 : Safe Fruits and Veggies

Vandana Sheth, author and dietitian blogger, recently mentioned our mating disruption in her blog detailing the Safe Fruits and Veggies farm tour she took in the San Joaquin Valley. "Did you know that farmers are using interesting sustainable farming practices to reduce the amount of pesticide use? I loved learning about the use of Pheromones (as a mating disruptor) to control insect populations and thereby reduce the need for chemical spray."
We are delighted Suterra products left an impression on you, Vandana! Thank you for helping bring awareness to these sustainable agriculture techniques to those outside the ag sphere.


January 6: New Year

As the new year starts, take some time to look at new career opportunities. By joining Suterra, you become part of a close-knit team dedicated to sustainability, quality, and innovation.

January 9: PTNPA

It takes a lot to process a nut from what is harvested off the tree to what you purchase at the grocery store. Suterra is proud to be part of the Peanut and Tree Nut Processors Association, and will be attending the PTNPA Convention in San Diego starting this Friday from the 13th to the 16th.
Come learn about our IMM products and how you can protect your stored products from damage!

January 11: Codling Moth in Apples

Concerned about codling moth in your apple orchards? Learn more about monitoring for this damaging pest in your crop.

January 13: VMB-XL Release Rate Studies

Since 2010, CheckMate VMB-XL has been the mainstay of sustainable vine mealybug control. Our pheromone products for this #vineyard pest are proven to be effective.

January 16: Operations

Interested in a career in operations? Jesse Kingdon has been with the company since 2015 and is now a Shift Supervisor in our Chemical Operations department. Jesse enjoys the variety of experiences Suterra offers, the compressed work week and the opportunity for mobility within the company.

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January 18: UCANR Pistachio Day

Today we are attending the UCANR statewide pistachio day event! Come see us in Visalia and catch up on recent advances in the pistachio industry.

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January 20: IMM Mating Disruption

Aerosol mating disruption devices are the best way to guarantee a consistent release rate in your warehouse. Suterra's Puffer® IMM for Indian meal moth will consistently emit pheromone regardless of temperature, reliably protecting your stored product for 6 months.

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January 23: NOW Protection

NOW is the time to start prepping for this year's navel orangeworm flights in almonds and pistachios. Suterra offers season long protection via Puffer® NOW Ace, our reliable aerosol pheromone emitter.

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January 25: Traps and Lures

Monitoring for pests is the first step of a successful Integrated Pest Management program, no matter the crop. Don't forget to purchase pheromone lures and traps for the upcoming season!

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January 27: Identifying Vine Mealybug

Are the mealybugs in your vineyard vine mealybug or grape mealybug? Determining the species of your infestation is important when considering treatment plans. Learn the key ways to distinguish mealybug species.

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January 31: Brussels Sprouts Day

January 31 is Eat Brussels Sprouts Day! Brussels sprouts are part of the incredibly diverse family of cole crops, including everything from broccoli to kale. Suterra safely and sustainably protects Brussels sprouts from diamondback moth, the leading insect pest of cole crops worldwide.

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