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April Social Media Roundup: Nutlets, stopping food waste and more

Suterra May 1, 2023 3:01:00 PM
Flowable product sits on a ladder in an apple orchard.

Did you catch Suterra on social media this month? Recap on our most recent posts for mating disruption information, grower tips and tricks and more.

4/1: Diamondback moth

Diamondback moth is a pest of cole crops worldwide, especially as the pest continues to develop resistance to many insecticides. As such, PCAs are learning to use various integrated pest management techniques, including crop rotation, trap cropping, and Suterra's DBM-F sprayable mating disruption.
Have questions about how you can protect your crop more effectively? Our pest management experts are always happy to talk with you!

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4/3: Fishing prize

Who's ready to put on some wading boots, swing a fly rod, and hook into a fish? It's almost time to announce our Fly Fishing Grand Prize Winner! The winner will receive an email today.

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4/5: Celeste Torres

A job at Suterra is not just a job; it is a learning opportunity. Celeste Torres, a technical team member, talked to us about how Suterra has supported her in getting her PCA license alongside her work at trade shows and in the field, providing all sorts of opportunities for hands-on learning and applying her skills to real-world trial situations. She has especially liked becoming an expert on our pheromone delivery systems, and sharing her knowledge at trade shows with PCAs and experts.

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4/7: NOW-F Sprayable

As you plan your Spring sprays in almonds and pistachios, consider adding NOW-F sprayable mating disruption to your spray plan. This #pheromone-based mating disruption is tank-mixable with most common agrochemicals and can be applied flexibly throughout the year to address pest pressure when needed.

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4/10: VMB-XL hang patterns

Want expert advice on how to hang your Suterra dispensers? Deployment guides for our vine mealybug VMB-XL dispensers are available on our website, complete with guidance on proper hang patterns.

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4/12: Not too late for NOW-F

It's not too late to protect your 2023 almond and pistachio crops from navel orangeworm with mating disruption! CheckMate® NOW-F sprayable pheromones offer the industry a versatile option, allowing for targeted in-season decisions tailored to the specific needs of each individual block and operation.
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4/13: Mealybug monitoring

Monitoring for vine mealybug is the first line of defense in vineyards against grapevine leafroll disease. What methods are you employing this season to monitor for pests in your grapes?

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4/14: Sprayable pheromone for codling moth

When temperatures heat up, pest life cycles and activity kick into gear as well. Suterra's CheckMate® CM 2.0 Flowable can be deployed to reduce codling moth populations as a part of almost any spray program, allowing you to flexibly tackle pest pressure when it is most necessary for you.

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4/18: Vine Mealybug ID refresher

Do you know what traits distinguish vine mealybug from other mealybugs? Read this spring refresher on identifying this costly vineyard pest.

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4/19: California red scale season-long treatment

California red scale is difficult to treat with conventional insecticides alone. Avoid your citrus being downgraded at the packinghouse by investing in our season-long pheromone-based mating disruption, CheckMate® CRS. In addition to its effectiveness being backed by extensive studies, CheckMate® CRS is the only zero-residue solution for California red scale control.

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4/21: Almond nutlets

In almonds, bloom has passed, and the beginnings of nutlets are starting to show on the trees. Do you have any beautiful pictures from your orchards this spring?

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4/22: Earth Day


🌎 For the 12,000 years that humans have practiced agriculture, we have knowingly and unknowingly cooperated with nature. The ecosystem provides countless services that make growing crops possible, from pollination to nutrient cycling to natural pest control, such as native predators and parasitoid species.
For Earth Day, we would like to acknowledge the incredible ways sustainable growers are using these 'free' services to grow the best crops possible to feed the world.

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4/26: Stop Food Waste Day

🍅 Did you know today is stop food waste day? When insect pests feed on and damage crops, a good amount of the final product never makes it to the packinghouse, let alone the consumer's plates.

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4/27: IMM Testimonial

Last year, we launched Checkmate® Puffer® IMM - the latest addition to our innovative aerosol mating disruption product line.
Tom Carter and Harris Woolf Almonds share how they implemented Suterra's Puffer® IMM in their processing facility as part of their integrated pest management (IPM) program.
The implementation proved highly effective and helped them achieve their food safety, quality, and sustainability goals.

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4/28: Safety and Health at Work

Today is the world day for safety and health at work! Whether in the facility or in the field, occupational safety is always our priority at Suterra. As things begin to heat up for the year, our field techs, grower representatives, and other boots on the ground are taking measures like hydration and protective wear to beat the heat out in the orchards. What are your tips for staying cool in the California dry heat?