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6/27 Social Media Roundup: Hull Split and Pollinator Week

Suterra Jun 27, 2022 1:27:00 PM

Did you catch Suterra on social media this week? Recap on our most recent posts for mating disruption information, grower tips and tricks and more in this new biweekly summary.

June 14th: National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables month! Getting high-quality delicious fruit from the orchard to your table is no easy task. We are are immensely thankful to the network of ag experts- growers, agronomists, pest control advisors, truck drivers, field workers and more- responsible for feeding the world.

June 15: Puffer® IMM Certified for Organic Use

Suterra's Puffer® IMM, the only aerosol mating disruption product on the market for stored product moth, is now certified for organic use by OMRI.

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June 16: CRS Dispensers now available in AZ and HI

Is California red scale affecting the quality of your citrus yield? Suterra's CheckMate® CRS season-long mating disruption dispensers provide a management solution for this difficult-to-control scale pest. We're so excited to introduce this product to our Arizona and Hawaii growers.

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June 20: Pollinator Week

June 20th marked the beginning of Pollinator Week! When people think of bees, they think of honey. In reality, though, most honeybee colonies are kept for their pollination services. Bees are like living, buzzing gold to many farmers- truckloads of bees are moved across the US every season to provide this essential service to almonds, cranberries, stonefruit and many other crops.


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June 22: Get Ready for Hull Split

Almond growers- get ready for hull split! Keeping an eye on hull split is critical when it comes to timing your navel orangeworm sprays. Scout for early split on the South side of blocks and continue monitoring for increased navel orangeworm activity!

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June 23: Cover Crops for Bees

Did you know that cover cropping helps native pollinators and honeybees alike? Growers that plant cover crops provide habitat for native pollinators and nutrition for bees that are working overtime moving from crop to crop. The cover crops in this sustainable vineyard provides essential ecosystem services for this vineyard and the environment alike!

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June 24: Amelia Cadwell

For Pollinator Week, we'd like to highlight Amelia Cadwell, Grower Relations Specialist at Suterra and resident honeybee expert. Passionate about bees from a young age, Amelia is a master of everything honeybee. She's done everything from pollen analysis, beekeeping installation, spreading pollinator awareness with National Geographic and more during her illustrious career!

Amelia, we're so thankful to have you on the Suterra team! You continue to impress us with your passion for the environment, pollinators and enthusiasm for helping ag professionals work alongside the pollinators that make their work possible.

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