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CheckMate® NOW-F Stops Damage Before It Breeds

Game-Changing Sprayable Pheromone Helps You:

Respond to In-Season Conditions


Drive Down Populations Year After Year


Easily Add to Spray Program


Affordably Control Navel Orangeworm

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Hull Split To Harvest Protection Goes Beyond Insecticide

Many leading PCAs recommend the addition of CheckMate® NOW-F to grower spray programs and see excellent results. Whether applying with May sprays, during hull split or harvest protection, the product lowered pest populations and reduced NOW damage significantly in both almonds and pistachios.

CheckMate® NOW-F

How Does CheckMate® NOW-F Benefit Growers?

  • Allows for Precise Response to In-Season Conditions
  • Long-Lasting Residual Activity
  • Unique Mode of Action
  • Fights Resistance & Extends the Life of IPM Tools
  • Easy to Integrate into Existing Spray Program
  • Zero PHI: Spray Up to the Day of Harvest
  • AFFORDABLE at $29 per acre per spray


15065 NOW-F Bottle

Reduces Pest Populations


Familiar and Easy to Deploy Spray


No Harm to Beneficial Insects


Low Worker Exposure


MRL Exempt

A Better Way to Spray

Add three ounces of prevention to your spray program this season with a mating disruption technique you can trust. Watch this short video to see how easy it is to apply.


Elevating your IPM Program with Sprayable Pheromone for Navel Orangeworm

Learn how to incorporate sprayable pheromones into your IPM program and how to benefit from this highly effective and unique approach to mating disruption. The presentation will focus on the control of Navel Orangeworm in California nut crops.

Other Mating Disruption Products for Navel Orangeworm

Fighting navel orangeworm damage with mating disruption has never been easier. Puffer® NOW Ace, Puffer® NOW-O Ace Organic and CheckMate® NOW-F give you the damage protection you need and flexible deployment options to fit your IPM program.

Navel Orangeworm-NOW Illustration

Puffer® NOW Ace

Suterra’s aerosol pheromone release formulation for navel orangeworm (NOW) mating disruption in nut crops, figs, and other crops where the navel orangeworm is a pest. Stronger and lighter than ever before, correct, secure placement has never been easier to achieve.
14989 Puffer NOW Ace Can

Puffer® NOW-O Ace

Protect your organic acres with the quality mating disruption platform you’ve come to trust: Puffer®. As part of a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, mating disruption may cut damage by 50% or more and fights insecticide resistance.
Puffer Cabinet G2

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Demonstration of Different Application Methods for CheckMate® NOW-F Sprayable Mating Disruption

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