Safe, Effective, and Proven Results

CheckMate® Puffer® CM-O Pro is Suterra’s extended optimized aerosol release formulation for Codling Moth (CM) mating disruption in apples, pears, walnuts and other crops where CM is present.

This proprietary formulation results in enhanced aerosolization of the pheromone creating a spray that better penetrates targeted areas of the canopy. The fast-to-deploy product releases a precise, consistent amount of CM sex pheromone throughout the orchard, reducing adult males’ ability to find females. This disrupts the mating cycle and suppresses pest populations.

CheckMate® Puffer® CM-O Pro is compatible with all integrated pest management (IPM) tools and can be especially effective when combined with other Suterra® products such as CheckMate® CM XL 2.0 Dispenser and CheckMate® CM 2.0 Flowable. The product is also suitable for organic production.

Why Growers Choose CheckMate® Puffer® CM-O Pro Extended

  • Optimized for longer growing seasons
  • Easy and fast deployment
  • Hang once for protection that lasts all season long
  • Consistent and precise release throughout the orchard
  • Reduces pest populations
  • Fights development of insecticide resistance
  • Does not harm beneficial insects
  • Low worker exposure
  • No pre-harvest interval
  • Authorized for organic production
  • Free recycling of all Puffer® materials through our Clean Orchard Promise™