Proven to reduce customer callbacks

BioAmp® AA is a sprayable pheromone for use as an adjuvant with non-repellent insecticide sprays when treating for Argentine Ant.

BioAmp® AA can increase the efficacy of traditional nonrepellent insecticide sprays. The Argentine Ant trail pheromone in BioAmp® AA increases ant movement and activity in areas where the insecticide is applied. This increased movement and activity improves the exposure of the ants to the insecticide, enhancing the efficacy the effect of the sprays.

BioAmp® AA has no insecticidal properties of its own, and is a sustainable product that must be used in combination with a non-repellent insecticides spray.

Adding BioAmp® AA is proven to reduce call-backs and reapplications, decreasing labor costs and increasing overall customer satisfaction for pest management professionals.


Why Choose BioAmp® AA?

  • Proven to improve the efficacy of insecticide sprays
  • Reduce call backs
  • Save time in scheduling and transit
  • Offset costs of material and labor 
  • Extraordinary ease of use for operators: just add one capful of BioAmp® AA per gallon of insecticide
  • Sustainable alternative to more pesticides
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